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Let’s: Talk About Art (Nudes & Kids)

March 2, 2015


choosing nude artwork for your home

Let’s … talk about art. Specifically nudes. I like them in the bedroom and bathrooms. I’m sure there’s a Freud joke in here somewhere. I’m looking for a pair to go over my bed, on a wall I’m about to paint navy, that will be seen from the door to the bedroom and partially in […]

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Let’s See: A Lesson in Retrograde

February 26, 2015

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I have a tendency to either under or over think things. There really is no middle ground. It’s LET’S GO! or it’s eight million details organized by category and vetted so thoroughly you can see the threads from wear. What I haven’t done well, but I am getting better at, is “Let’s SEE.” A lot […]

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