Privacy Policy

The only information outsidevoice® has about you as a reader is information you choose to share either through an email or potential survey. Please note we do collect statistics on site activity.

By the numbers: Stat Logs
I’m no web-genius, but I will use site statistics logs for things like figuring out what is really content is interesting to you, what you don’t like, and where on this planet most of the readers might live. No one except the outsidevoice® team and their pets will ever see this.

Cookies. Not the bakery kind.
I don’t put cookies on your computer or read the cookies that are already there. I do, however, love chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and sugar cookies. That aside, you should know that some of the advertisers may use cookies on the site for other reasons. This privacy policy doesn’t cover cookies used by others. Or burned oatmeal raisin cookies in your oven. That’s all you.

Advertisers. They are so pretty.
Ads get to this site through Google and other services. Those services do collect information about users’ actions (like how many times you’ve viewed an ad), but no personal information. So it may know you clicked on a box 19 times, but not because you are desperately searching for a way to replace that chandelier earring you lost.

Links. And when you click on them.
outsidevoice provides several links to sites that are not ours. Much as I’d like to believe we rule the world, there are other sites of which we have no control. If you follow a link to those other sites, you are on their turf and become subject to the privacy policy of the site you’re visiting. Now you know.

Legal disclaimer: Lawyers earning a living.
We’ll do everything we can to protect your privacy, but if The Man comes knocking with the cops, we’ll share personal information with authorities when required by law. Handcuffs are only accessories for jail and the privacy of your own bedroom.