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Advice for 2013: Use it.

January 2, 2013


We have a somewhat new tradition in our house. It started last year and it will continue for years to come. On Christmas Eve, while everyone else is flitting about with family and massive cooking efforts and travel and preparing for what is a Very Big Holiday, we order pizza, grab some wine and have […]

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White China Table Settings Galore!

October 8, 2012

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Cheap white dinnerware inexpensive white china bulk white dinnerware

It’s no secret I have a thing for housewares. When asked for advice while (all to often) browsing the table settings area of any department store I will always tell a bride-to-be to register for a least 16 place settings in a white setting because entertaining and family grows the longer you are on this […]

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Rockett St. George: Salads Taste Better in This

May 16, 2011

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Because if you’re going to eat a salad, it should be out of the most whimsical bowl on the planet. Bird Salad Bowl and Servers, Rockett St. George, £29.95 PS? You should spend some time over at Rockett St. George. It makes me want to move to the UK immediately and be best friends with […]

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Stylish Outdoor Dinnerware. It exists!

March 11, 2011


Outdoor Melamine Dinnerware

At certain times of the year, we easily have 25 people at our house eating, drinking, eating, laughing and eating. Did I mention The Eating? We do that. It can be a pain to deal with china and I don’t want own a service for 30 in my regular dinnerware. I also don’t want to […]

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Be a Gracious Guest: Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

November 1, 2010


Pottery Barn Mercury Serving Set

Pottery Barn Mercury Serving Set (Photo via Pottery Barn) With Halloween squarely behind us it is now time to run headlong into the greatest of fall holidays, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving around this house is a Very Big Deal. It is not uncommon for us to host upwards of 25 people on any given year. The island […]

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Let Them Eat Cake

June 21, 2010

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Magisso Cake Server collage

For the sweet tooth, this really, really cool cake server by Magisso. A lovely contemporary twist on boring BUT VERY NEEDED kitchen utensil. Find a store near you here. This inspires me to find a new cake or pie recipe. Got one to share?

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Elegant Burlap

May 9, 2010

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Burlap Mosaic

I know what you’re thinking. Burlap = itchy. Think again. This formerly pedestrian fabric has been re-invented to dress the most elegant of homes. I love that it’s a neutral that still gives a hint of texture. In various weights it gives good drape and I LOVE the silkscreening that can be done on it. […]

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Grab French Bull by the Horns

March 21, 2010

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French Bull Melamine Collage

photos via Amazon There is nothing I like more than a well-dressed table. Some times that means crisp and clean, sometimes elegant, but when the weather is awesome and the grill is going I want an outside table to scream PARTY WITH YOUR PANTS DOWN! and this line of melamine dinnerware and accessories is PERFECT. […]

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