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Because We Fail

January 17, 2015


Real talk: I’m having one of those moments when I know I have rather sucked as a parent. Contrary to many pretty, shiny blogs out there in the parenting space, these moments happen, and I’m having one. There. For the better part of six months I have let the kids be baby sat by electronics, fallen […]

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Swimmy Turns 13

May 22, 2014

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Dear Leah, Today you woke up thirteen. It’s funny, because your bat mitzvah was a few months ago, in my head I’d sort of already thought you were thirteen. So, here we are, on your ACTUAL birthday, and now it feels weird. You’re more teen than kid now, in just about every way, but you […]

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Just Learn Something And Then Get Home

May 2, 2014

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Dear Universe, Tomorrow at 4am (FOUR AY EM), Leah will arrive at the airport to get on a plane to start a week-long spring trip with her school to Virginia and Washington, D.C. She will tour all the appropriate historical sites, have ridiculous amounts of tween fun at Busch Gardens, and wander through a few […]

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Swimmy Bat Mitzvah: The Aftermath

March 23, 2014


She did it. And it was spectacular. I cannot begin to tell you all the wonderfulness that happened this weekend, but as soon as I find the words, I will. Until then, these are the words I said to Leah on the pulpit before she read from the Torah for the first time. Some of […]

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Join Us

March 13, 2014

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Next weekend, all of Leah’s hard work is going to pay off. See, I’ve explained to Leah that next week, around noon on Saturday, when all the hard parts of the service are behind her, she is going to read that last word, look up, exhale, smile, and it will be at the moment that […]

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Stupidly Enlightening

January 27, 2014


Over the weekend, I did something colossally stupid – and very enlightening. I accidentally took Benjamin’s ADD medication – and some of his anti-anxiety medication, too. I know. It astounds even me. Basically, I was multi-tasking.  I was on the phone with a friend working out a potential carpool situation ahead of Sunday School, preparing […]

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An Incomplete Win

January 10, 2014



This isn’t the post I was prepared to write. And, oddly, that is both a good and a bad thing. Leah’s bat mitzvah is at the end of March. During the service, for the first time in her life, she will read from the Torah – a very big deal that she prepares for MONTHS […]

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Doing It Wrong On Purpose

December 10, 2013


Leah is twelve years old and we have not talked about sex. Or drugs. Or smoking. Or drinking. According to every popular parenting blog, or philosophy, or opinion, I am doing it wrong. I am failing my kid. Some would say I am downright irresponsible. Maybe. But, I don’t really care. See, somewhere along the […]

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Delicious Moments

November 27, 2013


It all started with a blueberry loaf. My delightful cousin Sara came over to pick up something I was sharing with her, and in exchange, she left a homemade blueberry loaf. I had asked Leah if she wanted a piece, and she declared, “We have some really GOOD cooks in our family.” You know what? […]

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Sunday Wanderings

November 17, 2013

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Today, as part of her preparation to become a Bat Mitzvah, Leah is helping out at Mitzvah Day at our synagogue. (A mitzvah is a “good deed.”) She has a special connection to animals (they all love her, seriously), as does her partner, and so they are working with the Friends for Life mobile van […]

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