The Mystery of a Polaroid

November 2, 2015



I’ve been thinking lately about the old Polaroid cameras and film. Well, actually, that’s not true. I’ve been thinking about faith.

There are these things in life that require you to make decisions, and you have exactly no idea how those choices are going to turn out. They are everywhere. New jobs, a new recipe, kids, a different haircut. You may have some control over the outcome, you may have none. And yet, you take these small or gigantic leaps, and then you have to wait, and, while waiting, decide how much faith you have that things are going to be ok, or great, or not.

So, see? It’s like waiting for a Polaroid picture to develop.

I never realized how many times a day, a week, a month I do this. I started to pay attention to it a while back, and, actually? It’s exhausting. Humans are exhausting.

But, I’d forgotten my word for this year. I’d forgotten a lot of things, really, but, man, re-reading that reminded me that, sometimes, these little leaps of faith are not done alone. Sometimes, if you’re really really lucky, you’ve got some folks holding your hands in the shadows.

And that’s a fine picture to develop.

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