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April 4, 2014



I have an old friend, Stacy, who you should get to know immediately. This page chronicles a battle she should not be fighting, but is valiantly. Do it. Warriors ride together.

On her last post, she linked to the Elephant Journal, a site a bit out of my normal reading box, but interesting nonetheless. This article about The Top 12 Habits of People with Good Sense really, really was the right article at the right time. It’s extraordinary that sometimes you forget these things. Fear and doubt sneak in and work on taking good sense away, but that’s the thing – when you have good sense, and mindfully practice it, you overcome those.

I fell down on some things on that list. I hate to know that, but I do. I own those – and they are all fixable. They are all being fixed. It’s a marathon not a sprint around here, but the race is on.


 Women, we are under an inordinate amount of personal aesthetic pressure. And, for my taste, entirely too much has been written about or focused on how we all choose to groom ourselves in areas that are really not for public consumption. (You’re smart, you can figure this out.)

But, I will publicly come out here and say, that while I am not here to judge personal choices, I was never a fan of the full Brazilian treatment. Women should not look like girls or Barbie dolls. Plus JESUSCHRISTTHEPAIN?!  No thank you.

So, here you go – wait long enough and the right trend might emerge. The Full-Bush Brazilian. Knock your socks off. Let me know how it works for ya.


Want to know what spring in a bowl looks like? It looks like this.

image via This Is Glamorous

image via This Is Glamorous

And it will be on my table in the coming weeks. Salty, creamy, and bright paired with a crisp white, some sun, and a cool breeze. Sunglasses optional.


But if you want to know what I’m looking forward to the MOST about warm weather arriving, it’s this: Dresses.

white shirtdress

The single best part (and, quite frankly, most necessary) of warm (and then sweltering) weather is endless dresses that never have to touch your skin when it’s too hot. Soft, flirty, casual frocks paired with killer statement jewelry and anything from a badass sandal game to heels.

If it can operate as a bathing suit coverup? Bonus points.


Wishing you a fantastic weekend, my friends. I hope some days off, or even just a quiet moment, brings you a long exhale and an idea that excites you. Don’t worry if it scares you a little, too. Those are the really good ones.  — xo

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One Response to “Friday Collections”

  1. Knighton Says:

    I can never unread the phrase “pubic reverse mullet.” So thanks for that.