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March 28, 2014


“Do you realize it’s already been a WEEK?!” – my bat mitzvah partner mom/friend

No. I hadn’t thought of it like that. Wow.

A week ago was a lifetime ago. I still can’t figure out what or how to write about it all, but I will. But, I can tell you, a week later, Leah is still spontaneously saying to me, “That was the best weekend of my life…” So, it doesn’t matter that I can’t seem to write about it, that one statement is the best thing I could EVER write.

But, MAN, I’d love to have my energy back. My partner and I continue to laugh about we are STILL looking and feeling like we got hit by a bus – and we don’t really care all that much right now. I’m chalking it up to gloomy-not-quite-spring weather we’re having. Some SUN, man – we need some SUN.

But, wanna see something? Something hopeful? Here:
spring is here
Spring is here, it’s just being a little shy. Hang in there – and buy some sandals proactively.


One of the things I wanted to do this year was take care with people, nuture friendships. There were so many different groups of friends and family here together last weekend, it really struck me that I’ve collected some really wonderful people through my life. So, every few weeks, I’m consciously making sure I’m spending time with those people in some way. I’m writing thank you notes – a lot – and offering to help.


You wouldn’t think these were hard things to remember to do, but “busy” gets in the way. So does “screen.” I’m still working on that last part.


While I no longer live in the corporate world, I still occasionally think of the year in quarters. Q1 is over, for all intents and purposes. Did you blink and miss three months?

I did not.

In sales, some of the most interesting things tend to happen at the end of the quarter, and March was no exception. I will grin quietly through the final days of this month as I think about all the extraordinary things ahead. A bit of travel, a bit of strategy and planning, a dose of creativity, some shenanigans, and possibly some adventures, I think this next chunk of 2014 will be filled with stories.

Some will write themselves, some I will get to draft, and all involve a little bit of faith.


Not a bad way to start April.


See you next week, friends – I hope this weekend brings you some sunshine, some music, some daydreaming, and a quiet smile or two of your own. xo

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