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March 13, 2014


Leah rehearsing

Leah rehearsing

Next weekend, all of Leah’s hard work is going to pay off. See, I’ve explained to Leah that next week, around noon on Saturday, when all the hard parts of the service are behind her, she is going to read that last word, look up, exhale, smile, and it will be at the moment that she is inducted into a very special club.


She wants to know if she gets a shirt to wear.

Seven months ago she was not happy. Everything was overwhelming. It was hard. It was taking days out of her week and time away from her activities. It was frustrating and no fun. It looked as if that was never going to change or end.

But, then things started to make sense – they got easier. Practice made not-quite-perfect, but it made better – and better still. Then it was easy. Then it was fun. Then it was really fun – and now she can’t wait for it to get here. Now she can see the journey and the finish line.

The other day she was at practice and was talking to some of the kids just starting their journey, seven months out.

“Mom, they look terrified. I guess that’s how I looked?”

“Well, yes. You did resemble that adjective.”

“I told them it doesn’t feel okay in the beginning. It doesn’t feel okay for a long time, but then it does. It gets better. But, I’m not sure if they believed me.”

“Well, you didn’t believe it when I told you that all those months ago. Sometimes you just have to figure it out on your own.”

“Yeah, but these people look AWFUL.”

“But then they won’t, right?”


They’ll be part of the Holy Shit I Did It Club, too – they just don’t know it yet. It’s a good club – not just reserved for 12 year olds studying for their bar/bat mitzvahs. It’s anyone who has worked hard, sacrificed, and had it pay off in no other way than an explosive sense of pride for what they’ve done.

There really should be shirts.


Many of you have emailed or reached out to cheer Leah on – and ask questions about what it is she’s working on and what a bat mitzvah is. For those that are interested, because we live in the future, I am happy to send you a link to the live stream that will run Friday night and Saturday morning, and you can see for yourself! And you can even do it in your jammies.

Email me for the link:

I will make sure you get it in time to participate if you wish.

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One Response to “Join Us”

  1. Andy Grant Says:

    LiveStream!!! WOW!

    Yeah, that technology was nowhere near reality on October 1, 1983 when I joined the “HOLY SHIT I DID IT!” club in that very sanctuary.

    Big Mazel to Leah, and her proud Mommy & Daddy.

    Gotta love your mom, and mine, but Leah has a very special Mommy behind her on this!