Friday Collections

February 28, 2014


On occasion, I am a genius. I scheduled a “preemptive strike” injection on March 6th juuuuuuust in case, knowing I needed to be in heels a few weeks later and, VOILA!  Turns out I do, indeed, need it next week.  It’s probably the cold weather and all the leftover aggravation from moving, bending, unpacking, etc., but… here we are again.


I made a recipe last night that didn’t go well. I can’t create recipes from scratch, but I’m damn good at locating good ones that can be great with some tweaking. So, missing the mark is frustrating. This happens rarely, but it’s always surprising and I always feel badly when it does. I’ve gotten to where I menu-plan fairly tightly during the week, and having a meal completely blown feels like I (a) wasted money, and (b) let people down. These things are recoverable, obviously, after all, this is why peanut butter and bread exists, but, still.

My achiles heel in the kitchen is, apparently, anything involving a baked egg, which aggravates  me to no end because there are so many great dishes out there. And really? COME ON. Although I’d argue that one of the greatest test of a cook is how they handle eggs (scrambled, for sure) – baked eggs seems to be a challenge for me.

[Barney Stinson voice] CHALLENGE: ACCEPTED.


This happened. And Christine made me cry.




It’s Rodeo time here in Houston! That means if you have a meeting anywhere in the medical center, or near Reliant, the air smells like barbecue thanks to the largest cookoff in the world. It also means traffic today as you share the freeway with trail riders heading in. It also means boots, and jeans, and the carnival, and carnival FOOD, and the livestock show, and concerts, and Howdy!, and a whole bunch of kids that end up with scholarships – and those are great things.

rodeo carnival

I wish I could take you. You’d smell like mesquite and dirt and hay and beer and denim and leather and tradition for days. Breathe deeply. It’s what joy smells like.


Wishing you a wonderful weekend – and, if it involves ribs and a grill or smoker (which is so should), don’t forget to lick your fingers. It’s BBQ law.   xo

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3 Responses to “Friday Collections”

  1. Knighton Says:

    See also: poached eggs.

    Although egg sauces are the real bane of my kitchen existence. I can make a demi-glace like a badass, but anything involving egg yolk is either curdled or runny. I obviously need more practice.

    • pamlewis Says:

      I finally mastered a poached egg – but it took a bit. Baking an egg should be way easier than I find it. I think I need to look at the width of my dishes I usually use. It could be that the egg isn’t spreading out enough to cook evenly.

      I am thinking about this way more than I should. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Good luck on Thursday! As I am typing this I’m laying on a heating pad praying for the rain to go away. Wish I could go in for a shot (really I wish I could have that anesthesia…shhh don’t tell)!