Imperfect House Tour: Benjamin’s Room

February 25, 2014


When your boy-kid is seven (and a half, MOMMY), you really just want his room to (a) have enough space to play in, (b) eventually be able to handle a sleepover, and (c) contain the monstrous amount of toys, tiny pieces, books, and balls that come along with the boy tornado.  I used to hate Polly Pocket shoes, but I’ve found something far worse: Legos.  Hateful little things.

It was time to give Benjamin a room that was less “little boy” and more positioned to grow with him into tween-hood. His interests vary widely depending on the day, but one thing has been a constant for a few years now: geography. He is my tiny Magellan – and spookily knowledgeable on countries, capitals, landmarks, etc. I’m hoping to send him to Jeopardy to at least earn his keep around here. Because Power Rangers.

So, here is Benjamin’s room!

benjamin's room

Benjamin has two beds now, but I didn’t want them to be too matchy-matchy, and I wanted him to still have floor space to play. And so, I looked to my dad’s old room in the house for the solution: the mid-century cube.

Benjamin's nightstand

These cubes are magical. Wide enough to abut a twin-sized bed, they allow you to utilize corners efficiently, and give Benjamin a great space to display special knick-knacks. Plus, it was my dad’s, as was the lamp, so there is a little piece of house history Benjamin gets to have in his room, too.

benjamin nightstand details

benjamin room artwork

And, finally, the monstrous MAP. This was Benjamin’s surprise for his new room. It’s laminated, with no glass, so at some point he can either use a dry-erase marker (but, um, not yet), or some flag pins to track places he’s been, etc. I wish you could have seen his eyes when he saw it. It was like the whole world came to visit him – and, thanks to the Olympics this year, has become an interesting teaching tool.  For the record, he can name almost all the countries based on the flag pictures. He is already smarter than I am.

Benjamin map

Benjamin would like to invite everyone over for a sleepover. Don’t forget your favorite stuffed animal.

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