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February 23, 2014


Thank you to everyone who offered your advice. You are all smart and wise and I am lucky to be a part of your tribe. At the end of the day, it was better to have a happy, healthy, full of life Swimmy, than… not. There was a long and caring discussion with her school principal about this and other related items, and they are in full support of our decision.

image via Christine Tremoulet

image via Christine Tremoulet

I cannot tell you how important the right school for the right kid is – and, well, this one is pretty extraordinary. They also think Swimmy is extraordinary – so, you know, I love them. Things are already looking up from an “outlook” perspective – and I am prepared to do what needs to be to make sure the right support is in place through the end of the year. It’s going to be a long road, but at least there is sunshine on the street.


After a less than inspiring experience with my synagogue a month or so ago, I was part of a very interesting meeting with the new Senior Interim Rabbi. He did and said everything I’d hoped he would, and, for the first time in a long time, I am extremely encouraged about the path forward after a very toxic year for the congregation.

Somewhere in the middle of the discussion, I realized I needed to commit. If I’m to be honest with myself, I’ve spent the better part of the last five years “not here.” I lived here in Houston, but in my heart and my head, I had one foot out the door – for another city or another state or another life. I stayed out of the community, I withdrew from committing to volunteer in any way. All of the things I didn’t like about this city or this community overshadowed all the good things. Arm’s length was my M.O.

Today, as odd as it seems since I just renovated a house, I realized I couldn’t keep thinking like that. I am not in house limbo any longer. Any discussion or thought of leaving the city is over – that very kid-centric decision is done, regardless of anything else. The house is the last house – no matter what.

If I want change or stability or improvement in my community or my congregation, I must commit to being a part of it – and I’ve started that discussion. There are certain efforts that I want to be a part of, not be on the sidelines for – and I want the kids to see I’m involved.

So if you need me, I’ll be here, in Houston. I’m easy to find.


I’ve been mainlining episodes of House of Cards on the recommendation of others. For the record, Season One is fantastic. Season Two doesn’t hold up, but I can’t seem to stop watching. Netflix has me in its clutches.


For all the interest in Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), it’s his wife Claire that fascinates me more. There aren’t many female characters I connect to, but I “get” her. I understand her sacrifices and her secrets and her wardrobe. I was skeptical of Robin Wright playing this role, but she is fantastic in it. Claire is complicated and nuanced, but her backstory and approach are clear as day. Her intense, outward control and heart and mental abandon is powerful. I think I keep watching for her – or through her.


There is a museum visit on my schedule this week. I cannot wait. Some people schedule time with themselves at Starbucks or a manicure or in a yoga class or on a mountain during ski season, but this is mine. I’d like to try writing from there for a few weeks. There is so much I’ve written in my head that never makes it to this site, and I’m not sure if I’ll publish these pieces, but we’ll see.


Here’s to a good week, friends – I hope it treats you kindly. If you’re in the path of the next artic blast – stay warm. Red wine and dark chocolate ward off the cold – I’ve been told.  xo

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