Imperfect House Tour: Leah’s Room

February 18, 2014


One of the things I wanted to do for each kid’s room was surprise them with something special – just for them. A small HGTV moment, if you will. Leah is twelve, almost thirteen now, so I knew this room would grow with her into her teen years, and I wanted it to have some longevity and coolness, without being too over the top trendy.

I’ve also learned that Leah is not fantastic with surprises and really big change, so I had to tread carefully. I had to find a way to make sure she had some involvement, but didn’t give away the surprise. You should also know, that about a month before moving, both kids were banned from the house – lest they see their surprises. Husband thought that was sort of mean – but the payoff was worth it in the end.

Here is her room:

02-Swimmy bEdroom 2

And here is her surprise:

03-Swimmy wall

08-Swimmy Wall 3

I stumbled across this wallpaper that looks like hand-drawn frames over on Layla Grace, and I knew it was the perfect way for Leah to hang pictures, ribbons, mementos, etc. and create not only a Wall of Awesome, but a well-designed way to keep all that from looking junky. It’s modern and graphic and an easy visual statement that grows a personal story – perfect.

To keep her touch and input in this, I asked her to go through some favorite pictures and pick some out – I just didn’t tell her WHY. (Sneaky!) I added to that some family pictures, and some silly Instagram moments, et voila! The start of her wall.


Um, okay, then! Noted.

Here are some other details:

09-Swimmy knobs

I had some standard bi-fold doors trimmed out with simple moulding, and added a touch of a sparkly glass knob. It is a girl’s room, after all.

swimmy chaise

This is actually a custom piece that lived in our old master bathroom that provides a ton of storage – more than any dresser could hold – for that soon-to-be growing teen wardrobe. The moving company lost the shelves that go in it, but that will be fixed soon. See that fantastic green, flame-stitched chaise lounge? It used to live in my grandmother’s formal living room. Leah fell in love with it and begged to have it in her room – so…fine. It will eventually get recovered in a navy and teal patterned fabric (but retaining the flame stitched awesomeness underneath just in case), but for now, it is loved by a twelve-year-old and I love that she loves it.

07-Swimmy letters 2

And, finally, this is her great-grandmother’s dress from when she was two years old. It is over one hundred years old and has hung in her room since she was born. (It is also the great-grandmother she is partially named for.) Those letters were in her nursery with pink and green ribbons, and now have been updated a bit.

Some less-temporary window coverings are part of the plan, and a few other additions, like better lamps, are as well, but for now, it’s a good start. It’s a room that fits her now, and will grow with her. I can’t wait to see the story unfold.

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  1. sara joy Says:

    This is so freaking awesome. Total win.