An Imperfect House Tour: Kitchen & Breakfast Area

February 13, 2014


If I were a better blogger, I’d wait until everything is just perfect and perfectly styled to share pictures of the new house. But, instead of a better blogger, I’m an impatient one these days, so, you get some pictures that are not perfect. What you do get is a sense of how we are living in the house right  now, and that means some clutter, some boxes, some unfinished windows and walls.

If that ain’t authentic blogging, I don’t know what is.

Of all the spaces in the house, the kitchen and breakfast area are the farthest along – because a family of four needs that area to be WORKING PROPERLY in order to function day to day.

Here is the kitchen before.

Old Kitchen Collage

A fairly standard, 1950s kitchen layout. Also a bit dark. These are pictures of the kitchen, the breakfast area and the bar that looks into the living room. We did a few things to change it, but we didn’t rearrange the kitchen and overhaul it. (That would be Phase II, once we survive and live with Phase I for a few years.)

About ten years ago, my grandmother had replaced the countertops with granite and did a backsplash. Because her kitchen was, essentially, yellow-toned, they coordinated with that. Yellow and grey are not really my preferred color palette, but we’re making those things work for now.

Here is the kitchen now.


We did a few things in here, like put on new door and drawer fronts, but paint was really the biggest change in here. Also lighting – several recessed cans were added throughout the space. Also, we removed the cooktop in lieu of a slide-in range that gives us double ovens and allowed a rebuild of the pantry area that was entirely too small. It’s now a wall of built-ins with slide out drawers and adjustable shelves.  Fun fact: I can’t open the dishwasher all the way unless the bottom oven door is fully open. There will be more on the quirks and issue with the house in another post, but for now, this is one I’m choosing to laugh about and move on.

New Pantry Area Collage

Breakfast area and kitchen

The light fixture is original to the house and one of my favorite things we kept.

The light fixture is original to the house and one of my favorite things we kept.

My grandmother's gold flatware, and linen napkins + new placemats

One of the things that was important to me was to incorporate the old and the new. The original bar was one of those things. We kept the wood-like top and seeded glass, but freshened it up with more paint and drawer/door fronts to match.

kitchen bar area

There is a LOT of storage, you guys. The 50s knew what was up.

kitchen table

As of today, we’ve been here seven days in a row, so there are more changes to come in this area. Some window coverings would be nice. The country chairs are leaving for a set of sleeker, more mid-century chairs that don’t take up quite so much room. It’s astounding to me that a family of five (with three boys) used to sit in here and eat. Kind of goes to show you how much bigger furniture has gotten. With the mid-century chairs, we will easily fit five around the table if needed.

Okay, full disclosure: We don’t regularly use the gold flatware. But it will come out from time to time. I will use my grandmother’s linens with my own, and I’m so glad I kept these embroidered, blue napkins. Navy is a unifying color throughout the house – and brightening it up with gold is a favorite combination for me.

So, there you go! The first of a few posts on what this little project is up to. I’m still waiting on furniture in many areas, and my G-D, the boxes are making me twitchy in others, but, for now, I think it’s shaping up pretty well!

More to come friends – but, hey, have a seat. Brunch will be ready shortly.  xo

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5 Responses to “An Imperfect House Tour: Kitchen & Breakfast Area”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Love it! Love the colors, love the pantry, LOVE the light fixture!

  2. Mom Says:

    Watching this process has been amazing!!! You took a very worn house that held a wealth of memories and had the vision necessary to make it into a warm and welcoming home for your family…..and you did it by keeping it’s integrity….
    We know two people who have been totally watching this process and smiling from ear to ear and clapping their hands!!! Their granddaughter has done them proud!!! It couldn’t have been in better, more capable hands!!
    Live healthy and lively!!! Mom & Dad

  3. Kristen Says:

    Gorgeous. That’s not surprising, of course, but still. Gorgeous.