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February 4, 2014



For the second time in six months, all my stuff is in packed away. For the second time in six months, I’ve gone through everything we currently have with us, trashed unnecessary things, and tried to keep “stuff” to a low roar. For the second time in six months, my personal space is cluttered with boxes, I’m eating off of paper plates, and the pantry looks like it’s been raided by pirates. Organic pirates.

Husband asked, “Have you thought any about where things will go?” Yes. Everything in a box that I can currently lay eyes on, I have an idea where it is going. All the other 70% of our stuff coming back from storage? No idea. I can’t even remember what the hell is in storage any longer. So, if you ever want to know if you can live without things? Need to figure out what is really super critical and important? Stick 70% of your stuff in storage for six months. It’ll get real clear, real quick.

If it weren’t for some furniture I want back, I’d just throw a lit match in the storage container and call it a day. Not even kidding. Except maybe the kid’s baby books and some pictures.

The garage is going to be completely unusable for several days because there is furniture that will have nowhere to go, and need to be donated, and boxes of things that are no longer useful. By the end of next week all of that will be sorted out and taken away. I am not lingering on shit.

I am, without a doubt, OVER THIS. Jesus. I never want to do this again. I won’t do this again. Whatever life throws at me, and whoever comes in and out of it, will have to be handled from this house. Every tear to be shed, every too-loud laugh, every whisper, every boo-boo that needs a bandaid, every paper to be signed, or project to be managed, every g-ddamned flower to be arranged in a vase will happen FROM THIS HOUSE.

I want my holidays back. I want my kitchen, and my decorations, my cookbooks, my knick-knacks, my filing cabinet, and my king-sized bed back. I want my yard and my roses and a puppy (G-d help me). I want my bar, my sparkly cocktail swizzles, and all of my specialty papers.  I want ORDER.

And I want new towels.

Things will finished, but not perfectly ready for public consumption. It is still a work in progress and will be for some time. Rooms are not complete, walls lay bare, and blankets will cover some windows for a few weeks until the right solution is found.

WHATEVER. I’m ready. #2days

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3 Responses to “From This House”

  1. elz Says:

    Can’t wait to see. Also, a puppy! Whoo. Our girls are REALLY going to want to come over now!

  2. Judy Zainfeld Says:

    I know this home will collect wonderful new happenings and love. A puppy, maybe you would like to borrow Cody instead! I would love to share.
    Good luck my beautiful niece.
    I love you,

  3. Knighton Says:

    Moving is the worst. And totally agree on the storage situation. We did the same for our last move – there’s so much we could easily live without.

    As for towels, try Restoration Hardware 802g Turkish Towels. They’re the best I’ve ever used.