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February 2, 2014


Brunch at Brennan's, New Orleans circa 1960 - Slim Aarons

Brunch at Brennan’s, New Orleans circa 1960 – Slim Aarons

The definition of irony: There are two things I would not let go of in the plans for this house: (a) a large bathtub, and (b) a fireplace.

It is likely I will run out of my favorite lavender bubbles by the time I move on Thursday. This I can fix.
It is highly likely the fireplace surround will not be completed for another month. This I cannot fix.


I’ve been putting off shopping for outfits to wear for Leah’s bat mitzvah. I know. Mostly because my back wasn’t great, but also because I just couldn’t get in the mood for it. I’d ordered a few things a month ago to try out, but they sat in their shipping packages.

Until last night. It took a call from BestFriendWendy while she was at Nordstrom Rack looking for her own things to wear for the weekend to finally get me off the dime. Cell phone selfies flew back and forth and suddenly it was fun again. Several years ago I had an event to attend for work and exactly zero time to shop in “real life.” This is turning out to be very, very similar… I’m on dress/outfit piece five so far. Pray for me. Or, really, my new postman.


Currently my mail is more interesting than my life. Thanks to a newly refreshed museum membership, I now get lovely cards announcing new exhibits and lectures and I cannot WAIT to start taking advantage of them. Georges Braque is up next. Who wants to come with?


There are a lot of people dear to me in the middle of some ridiculous winter weather. For them, I wish the spirit of this guy:

naked ice skater man


I hope you had a lovely weekend – and that this coming week is kind to you. I hope, if it is snowy where you are, that you’re not totally sick of it yet. I hope it’s still quiet and beautiful. I hope you got brunch or bacon today. I hope your team wins tonight. I hope the food is awesome and the company is even better.

I hope our paths continue to cross — xo

Happy Sunday, friends –

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