Drive-by Posting

January 20, 2014


Well, hi.

At the risk of being Blogger Cliche #482, I find myself with days jammed full of EVERYTHING, and not a word to write. At least not interesting ones.

We move in 16 days. I’m packing, but not well. If you’d like to help, I’m good for cocktails, pizza, and cookies. Not kidding.

The house is not done – and is frighteningly unfinished. Breaking my staunch rule of not working with family, or family friends, is coming back to haunt me in these final days where I am tired of my contractor and I’m pretty sure he’d like this project to end as well.

I have a list and a plan of furniture to by, but I can’t seem to either find the time, or the right frame of mind, to go and do it. And I NEED TO.


*Feels forehead*

Concurrently, it’s bat mitzvah central here with under eight weeks to go and things are accelerating daily. Leah is feeling the pressure of getting prepared, everyone is on deadline for something, and my partner and I are talking or laughing or OMFG-ing roughly six times a day with each other.

I sit with Leah several times a week as she rehearses the service and her Torah portion. I will admit to getting a little surprised and choked up hearing her chant her portion for the first few times – and as she gets better. I also remember doing the same thing when it was ArtsyDaughter’s turn. I think I’m a JewSap. Oh, hell. I know I am. Either way, I’m stupid proud of her.

Sixteen days. I cannot tell you how much I’m ready to just be done with the packing/moving and just BE THERE already. To have pieces of my day back. To have pieces of my mind back. My daily checklist may not get shorter, but it will be more focused.

Now’s good.

Back soon, cats!

*climbs back down rope ladder into hole*

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One Response to “Drive-by Posting”

  1. Knighton Says:

    Everything always happens all at once. You got this.