NOW the New Year Can Begin

January 7, 2014


Know why?

The kids went back to school today. BOOM.

So, a lot happened in the last week-ish.

We did this.
pirate night disney

leah drinking disney cruise

If you ever wanted a preview of what Leah will look like in her college years, here you go. Everyone wave to ArtsyDaughter and OldestDaughter!

And I’ll have more to say on that soon, but the absolute very best part of this trip? Discovering my 12-year-old still likes to hold my hand.

The house is zooming right along.

photo (39)

And the highly anticipated fireplace area has gone from this:
living room fireplace construction

To this:
living room fireplace progress

A ton of cabinetry work is underway right now. And next week the windows and french doors show up. I’m unreasonably excited about this. What is kind of amazing is all this stuff is going to get done in the next two week because the floor guy, Mr. Gonzales, shows up January 20th and that means YOU ARE ALL DONE NOW.

Best part? I’m checking off a LifeList item in this process. And there’s lots more to share about that soon, too.

In the meantime, THE KIDS ARE BACK IN SCHOOL. So, you know, shit can get done now. This is especially important because we are inside the 90-day mark for Leah’s Bat Mitzvah and good LORD we must have blinked because ALL THE THINGS now need to get done.

I’m still, oddly, not stressed. I have urgency, but not stress. It’s nice. And it’s nice to know the difference.

As if there is not enough going on, I’m having a cursory meeting tomorrow that, depending on how the discussion goes, could bring a path to me that I never considered. The responsibility of the end result kind of makes me hyperventilate a little, but the adventure itself doesn’t stress me out, which means either (a) I have no concept of what I’m discussing (possible), or, (b) maybe this new path is here for a reason.

Either way, I’m paying attention.

I hope you guys had a great beginning to the new year – even if it was a quiet night at home. And even if the new year didn’t start until today! I think it’s going to be a good one.

Here. Take my hand – ’cause here we go! xo

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