2014: The Difference

December 24, 2013


At the end of each year, I pick a word to theme the coming year. Last year it was “momentum,” which, in retrospect, worked and didn’t work. But, that’s okay, it was still the right idea and the right word.

In thinking about this whole process, it’s occurred to me that I’m not entirely sure I pick the word. I think the word picks itself, or picks me. It just sort of arrives in my brain, unpacks itself, and makes itself at home. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be the right word.

A lot happened in 2013. Too much, in some ways. For all the motion that came with the word “momentum”, the collateral damage of it can be seen and felt. For all the good that came in 2013, the year bruised me – some not of my own doing, some my fault. Because, after all, we’re adults, and we can break our own hearts. And so it makes sense that for 2014 the word is much, much different.

This year, the word is “gentle.”

This year, more care. With words, with people, with myself. A light touch, and, only when needed, a heavy hand. More eye contact, less screen contact, more impact.

More time with friends, more time in the kitchen, more nighttime, under-the-covers chats with the kids. More books. More art. More time exploring the city.

At least one cocktail party and a huge holiday celebration. A trip abroad – and to Columbia, MO. More pictures. More letters. More learning.

More, but less, too.

Thank you for spending 2013 with me – in any way you could. I wish you everything you never knew you wanted in 2014 – and I wish you love and health and happiness. Here’s to a new year, old friends, good music, good food, new stories, old memories, laughter and tears, ah-has, oh-shits, surprises, having all the right words and being speechless in the very best of ways.

Here’s to all of us. See you in the new year, friends – xo


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