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December 5, 2013


EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s not Friday. I may still be high from pain meds. Let’s just pretend it’s Friday twice this week – you are all excused from serious work!

I am getting barraged by two very different emails lately: The decadent, “We miss you in Vegas,” offers and the “Ski Resort of Your Dreams” teasers. Each are just a touch painful to delete
vegas and snow


I spent yesterday watching back to back episodes of Miami Vice – starting with the pilot – and now I have a huge crush on Don Johnson and the 80’s all over again. That dirty blonde hair blowing around in that Ferrari Daytona Spyder and those eyes were lethal for 14 year-old me. MAN, that show. Carrera sunglasses, stubble, cassette tapes, espadrilles, and boats on cars on hairspray. It was everything awesome about the 80’s.

Fun fact: He's from Flatt Creek, MO. Oh, those midwestern boys...

Fun fact: He’s from Flatt Creek, MO. Oh, those midwestern boys…


For my money, kissing dreams are the very best kind of dreams. They’re like little gifts wrapped in silk-satin bows from your subconscious.


Music break. This song has shown up again in my shuffle and I’m glad it has. ¬†Also I love these two. There is something tender about them in this. Regardless of history shared, there is something about two people who are or were connected by love and music – two things that, in my mind, just never end.

Y’all have a good weekend – we’ll see you back here next week. xo

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