Project House: Living Room Inspiration

December 3, 2013


This house has a history. It’s raised three boys (in two bedrooms), hosted friends and family for holidays and dinner parties and cocktail parties, and seen era after era pass by outside its windows. Though its roots are firmly mid-century, I wanted to bring an updated touch to it.  The approach I’m planning on taking is to stay true to classic lines (and some mid-century shapes), but use broad strokes of color and whimsy to give it life.

Living Room Inspiration Board copy

This will be the central space where everyone hangs out – kids, adults, guests, animals, dignitaries (you don’t know!).  I want it to be comfortable, elegant, and fun. This space is all about pizza picnics, after dinner storytelling, fireplace s’mores, late night book reading or movie watching, thunderstorms, and all kinds of gatherings with the doors flung wide open.

It’s louder and livelier than the Master Bedroom, but navy blue still remains a constant. I’m okay with the vast difference in energy because, in this house, all the bedrooms are separated from the main living spaces. In fact, the Master Bedroom is the farthest point from this room. So, leaving the Living Room means you walk down a long hall … shedding the day as you go.

All this room needs now is you – and seasonal signature cocktail.

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2 Responses to “Project House: Living Room Inspiration”

  1. Christine Says:

    Leopard chairs?! Oh my. Those are fabulous!