Snow Whoring

November 25, 2013



So, winter has arrived here for a few days. It is dark and rainy and legitimately cold (for Texas) and it’s all hot soups, warm socks, and every jacket you’ve ever wanted to wear PUTALLOFTHEMONRIGHTNOW. Also a scarf.

Today was also the kickoff of the interior demolition phase of Project House, so things kind of look like this right now.

Den demolition

den demolition 2

blue bathroom

pink bathroom



Strangely, although all that is really happening is bringing the mess INSIDE, it feels like there is now a different sense of urgency around the work being done. We have a deadline: January 31st. So, in reality, we have about 65 days to get this thing done.

Now that’s some urgency!

Know what else that means? Not too long from now I’ll have to pack again. Awesome.

In the meantime, I’m managing this effort from “my office” and HOPING I can get over to the house to check things out in a day or so. This whole “not being able to sit without hyperventilating” phase has worn out its welcome. Like a week ago.

And now, I have a favor to ask.

It’s a little silly, but I’m going to ask anyway, because we all have our little silly things that make us smile, right?


Do you live where it snows?
Are you about to visit a place where it snows?

If the answer to any of those questions is, “Yes,” would you please send me a picture from there? It doesn’t have to be professional-grade, it can be all iPhone / Instagram / whatever — I just really like to see pictures of snow that are personal, that capture a moment in daily life, and, well, I don’t have any of those this year.

A lot of you guys may look at the snow and see alllllll the mess and shoveling ahead of you, but, those of us that miss it — well, we miss it, and all the good stuff that comes along with it. The quiet and the pretty and the flannel jammy pants and the wonder. And more.

I’m a sap for snow. Will you be sappy with me? (If enough of you give me permission, I’ll share them here in a post!)

I can’t wait to see them. You guys are the best. Extra marshmallows and whipped cream for all of you in your hot chocolates!

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