Project House: BOOM!

November 14, 2013


Rodolfo and his foundation repair boys moved inside the house yesterday. Now it looks like this:

foundation holes dining room

This is the to-be-dining room. You can see the old dining room in the back. See those boards on the right? They are covering holes that measure 2′ x 2′. ┬áThe crew had to remove a roughly 3-foot-wide area of the hardwoods to drill down through the concrete slab. All the wood is stacked up in the den right now.

All righty then!

Want to see the back hallway? OF COURSE YOU DO.

hallway foundation repair

That room you see in the back is Leah’s room. That board in the foreground is covering yet another monster hole – one of several in the hallway.

Anyone else wondering where all that dirt and dust is going to go? ‘Cause it’s making me kinda twitchy.

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