November 13, 2013


photo (2)

This was not the image I had hoped to post today. I had PLANNED on some pictures of the blown up floors and outsides from the foundation work that has been going on. As my uncle said, “It looks like Beirut in there.”

But, again, best laid plans.

Instead, this will be my view for a few days until my back decides to stop being an asshole, as it does every.single.November. And so, it’s pain meds, muscle relaxers, my laptop, and finally finishing Breaking Bad for me.


There is some good news to report, though! I thought we were going to have nine, 2×2 holes punched through that lovely parquet floor that would require all sorts of fancy wood patching. As it turns out, with one very strategically placed piling underneath the refrigerator, we won’t need to do anything in den/family room after all!  That’s a downright miracle.

ALSO! After talking with the crew foreman, Rodolfo, he will be able to save much of the hardwoods in rest of the house that ordinarily would get punched out as well.  I have a small crush on Rodolfo now. Or it could just be the meds kicking in.

Hope to have some better pictures tomorrow. Until then, I’ll be shopping online for faucets and other fixtures. This is going to be GREAT.

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