Sunday Wanderings

November 10, 2013



I stumbled across this insanely hot feather skirt and have decided that it needs to be paired with a black, chunky knit sweater, black stiletto knee-high boots, and a dirty little groove. I’m thinking Shakira and Beyonce’s “Beautiful Liar”.

Dance with me.


While online browsing, I stumbled into an ‘NSync revival of some sort because my shuffle function is very, very focused on their No Strings Attached (2000) album. To that end, “Digital Get Down” has been on repeat lately and I think this outfit and that song fit perfectly.

digital get down outfit

It may be baby JT, but dirty hips are still everything. And now we’re all old enough to enjoy what the song is really about.


Fall gets declared with a few different milestones. Could be the leaves change, could be a the first time you wear jeans, could be the return of college football. I’ll tell you one way I can, without a doubt, declare it Fall: when you touch me and I get physically shocked. ZAPP!

So, from now until Spring, I refuse to ope the milk cooler at the grocery store and there is a moratorium on surprise kisses. Except maybe you. But duck, I have quick hands when surprised.


For those unaware, Hanukkah begins on Thursday, November 28th this year. Thanksgiving.


The last time this happened was 125 years ago, so, in our lifetimes, it will never happen again, which is cool. ┬áBut, it is insanely difficult to get in the spirit of “the holidays” this early. I’m trying, but, dude?


Also it was 70 degrees 4 days ago.

In any case, like I said, I’m working on it. It’s nice to stumble across a little something while browsing that makes you smile thinking it might make someone else smile. That helps.


Tomorrow morning at 8:30am the foundation repair crew arrives at the new house and begins the transformation. I’ve captured a few “before” pictures over on Instagram, but I’m hoping to document that process more formally as the weeks progress. Stay tuned!

Hope you guys had a nice weekend – Monday cometh, here we go!

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