Friday Collections

November 1, 2013


I find myself feeling rather relieved this week. This would technically be a good thing, except that the things causing said relief should not be causing that at all. On the books, if I read this right, I should be quite panicked.

Maybe I’m just really, really, REALLY good at denial.

image via kelly wearstler

image via kelly wearstler

See, it’s likely a new job is in my future. Only I don’t know what that job is yet. Or possibly where. You know how everything rises to its own level of urgency? Well, a new job – or the search for one – is filled with helium right now.

I should be really stressed about this situation. I guess if I thought about it long enough, I would be, but I’m not. I feel some relief. I guess you get that when you get to let go of something completely soul-sucking, even if the next part is COMPLETELY unknown, it still feels better than “stuck.”


The renovation project on the house starts November 11th. An actual start date! I laughed with someone the other day when they said, “Ha! Now the REAL stress begins!” Except, I feel exactly the opposite. The real stress was the lingering and the NOT STARTING. This next part? Filled with action and decisions and opportunity is the best part. Activity feels like relief to me in this case.


I’m not a teary person, but two weeks ago I cried out of nothing more than pure, crushing exhaustion and a sense that things were either never going to move forward, or just plain unravel. There is nothing solved by tears, but, I am here to tell you that sleep cures a WHOLE LOT.  But, tears, they’re a relief, too.



Here’s a song that is currently ripping my heart out. The opening chords are similar to another song that does that – it’s rather eerie.  I don’t know much about the artists, but if the rest of their song are this quietly, powerful – they may have a new fan. Take a listen.


This weekend brings a family picture shoot. I’m looking forward to some fresh pictures of the kids – I always like seeing how a different photographer captures pieces of them known only to me. Here’s hoping the Houston humidity gives everyone’s hair and makeup a break for just a little while…

Wishing you a great weekend, friends – we’ll see each other back here again next week. xo


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2 Responses to “Friday Collections”

  1. G L Says:

    Dang. That song hits too close.
    Good luck with the renovation, can’t wait to see it come along.