Vampire Donuts – Because Awesome Counts

October 31, 2013


vampire donuts!

See those teeny vampire donuts up there? I made those today. At six in the morning, actually. Not from scratch, but from heart.

No one was more surprised than I, let me assure you. This is not my M.O., the six-in-the-morning part. But, here’s why.

I sometimes think about what the kids will remember when they look back on their childhood. The things I remember about my own are random, but generally good, and there are times I wonder if they will feel the same way at age 43.  I hope they will remember the important things, like lots of kisses and hugs, lots of encouragement, a few major consequences they learned from, and a whole bunch of laughs. But, I hope they also remember the “extras.”

I’ve never been the “get involved in the PTA” mom – either my job got in the way, or the idea of being in the middle of a group of women filled with agendas was exhausting to think about. But, I always knew that school was a big deal – and a big part of what shapes the kids. Recently I’ve been reminded how peers shape kids, too, as Leah is the glorious tween age now.

Sometimes, you have to be present at school in different ways. Sometimes, you do things that show you still know how to be silly, but also let your kid be awesome in front of her friends for a small moment. Because at 12, being awesome counts.

She still listens to me, this kid of mine, even if she doesn’t always like what I have to say, and I consider that a small miracle on this planet. I know soon she won’t, and that’s kind of her job, but I’m hoping that somewhere in the storm to come, she remembers I love her and understand that I know you need to be awesome sometimes. I hope she’ll still let me help her be awesome.

And I hope, one day, when she’s 43, she’ll remember teeny vampire donuts – and pass a little awesome along to whoever she’s in charge of, too.

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2 Responses to “Vampire Donuts – Because Awesome Counts”

  1. Teri Wathen Says:

    Pam, you are awesome! Six a.m. is nothing “in the scheme of things.”

    • pamlewis Says:

      Ha! You’re correct, Teri. Sleep can be recovered, right? (Says the girl who took an 1.5 hr nap that afternoon…) 🙂

      Thank you – x0