Sunday Wandering

October 28, 2013


rain out the window

I think waking up to a rainstorm is one of the best ways to wake up. It never bodes well for all the things that need to get done that day, but as far as a starting line, it’s tops. There is nothing more soothing than the meander your thoughts take in the quiet and dark of rain. There is clarity in thunder.


I get so frustrated when I’m rushed through a grocery store. It’s the one “chore” on my list of things to do that is actually not a chore – it is a pleasure. I prefer to go alone, with a plan and room for improvisation, and the time to wander lazily interested in all the aisles. I want to lay hands on vegetables, peruse wine labels, sample the samples, and mentally arrange the florals, all while giggling at a good baguette innuendo. I’m not a headphones girl usually, but I’m seriously considering employing them for my next significant shopping trip. I’m not sure what music accompanies grocery shopping, but I’m leaning towards a playlist of classical, 90s, acoustic guitar, and hip hop (if only to navigate the butcher counter.)


image via Vanity Fair

image via Vanity Fair

At some point I’d like to go back to the piano. If I had to set a goal, it’d be two-fold: mastering the Malaguena, and having the ability to let my fingers dance freely over the keys like they used to making up riffs and flitting across random stanzas.


My folks keep asking me for specific places I’d like to go while in Paris and London, and while it’s easy to make a standard list, my first internal reaction is, “I just want to wander the streets.” I want to stumble across a bistro, or an old market, hold hands with an old friend and duck into a pub while it, undoubtedly, rains. I want to run painted fingertips across white tulips in a market. I don’t want to “see,” I want to wander.

latin quarter in paris


Life’s too busy. There are too many things to juggle, too many thoughts to process, too many issues to solve, too many bruises, and too many commitments of time.

I’ve read that, in design, it’s important to pay attention to the white space. I’m beginning to think life is the same way – the white space is the time to wander. Maybe we just need to edit that into the design?


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