Shake Up

October 25, 2013



Mercury is in retrograde. It started October 21st and will last until November 10th. So, if things feel a little “off” or “shaken up,” this is why.

I’m not a huge follower of astrology, but I pay attention to things. I’m a Leo and have read enough to know and own all of the good and bad parts of being a Leo. I’ve yet to read anything incorrect about living life as a Leo. I think astrology has some points of merit and so, when I learned about retrograde, I decided to try to understand it a bit – at least how it might affect me.

I used to panic a bit about retrogrades. All the negative connotations of shit going sideways gave me anxiety and I started to believe, at some point, I was manifesting some of the turmoil myself.

Turns out I was thinking about it all wrong.

Retrograde has a purpose – a good one. For me, I’ve learned to embrace the part of retrograde that makes you sit still in the middle of the storm and pay attention to the shifting all around you. I’ve come to appreciate the part that allows me to reconsider things, to not jump to decisions based on change and being uncomfortable. While some parts of retrograde can still be frustrating (tech problems, yo), ultimately it’s a breath. An extra heartbeat.

Sometimes that extra moment’s different perspective is important.

I have exactly zero idea what this retrograde will teach me. I’m in the middle of so much ridiculous change I’d be a moron to try to guess. But, I have noticed a heightened sense of … connection. I think that’s the right word.

Many women tell stories of the ability to “sense” things about their kids even when they are at school, nowhere nearby. I understand that, except I have been known to have the added ability to extend that “sense” to others with a fair amount of accuracy. I won’t use the word “psychic,” but it skirts the edge of that. I used to joke it was a set of vampire skills – except RPatz and KStew turned that whole scene completely douchey and now I have no words to describe it.

But, I still kill an all black and leather ensemble. So there’s that.

For whatever reason, this retrograde is highlighting this unique ability. So there must be a reason? Guess we’ll see.

Hang in there, friends. It’s only another two weeks or so – and we’ll all make it. Maybe we’ll all learn a few things along the way?

Just watch your tech, man. That shit is AGGRAVATING.


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One Response to “Shake Up”

  1. Knighton Says:

    I needed to read this, this morning. And it’s interesting you mention connection. Connection chose itself as my word for the coming year, way back before my birthday. And it’s starting to take the form of closer professional and personal relationships – connecting friends and business associates to each other, digging deeper into already strong relationships, and growing in new ways. So far, so good.

    Until this week, when retrograde roared to life and reminded me to just stand still for a bit. I hate waiting.