One-Way Conversations

October 16, 2013



For some time now I’ve been engaged in a few different one-way conversations. It seems incorrect to use the phrase “one-way” and “conversation” together, but in some ways, it isn’t.

This little piece of the Internet I get to ride herd over is, sometimes, a one-way conversation. I come here to write and share thoughts. Sometimes that’s only for me, sometimes it’s just for others, but often times, it’s just me spilling words on a page that may or may not ever get read or even reach their intended destination.

The Internet is driven by conversations, it seems – at least those that live in it for business believe so – and, I believe that is true, and it’s true superpower. But, I believe there are overt discussions and quiet ones that take place. I never knew how much I’d like or need the quiet ones.

The other day I hit 1,000 followers on Pinterest. I don’t usually track statistics all that closely, but this one stuck out to me for some reason.

I love Pinterest. It is rather therapeutic for me. I am there often during the day and 99% of the time it is just to scroll through a well-curated list of folks I follow to find inspirational images. Sometimes I scroll with purpose, often times it’s just to collect things that I fancy or am struck by.

Each board holds a piece of me and I never pin anything I don’t love or find compelling. It’s all me and it’s done solely for my pleasure, not to begin a discussion, though there are a select few folks I comment with.  So, I’m rather touched that 1,000 people think that what I like is worth looking at or considering.

Now, 1,000 people is not a lot in comparison to others, but that’s okay. It was a milestone I achieved without asking for followers or overly promoting my piece of that application. It just happened, and I like that.

In many ways when people re-pin my pins it is a conversation, even if it’s only a brief, “ooh, I like that.”  I watch what people choose. I see the difference in audience between my Style board and my Moxie & Text board or my Nudes board. It’s all interesting to me.

One way conversations can be, I don’t know, a lot, in other parts of the Internet. Putting words out there is hard. Wondering where they go sometimes bruises. While you know you may never get a response, you sometimes hope for one. But pictures are comfortable, soothing even, an often times convey things stronger than my words ever could. So, for those of you who like my piece of that, thank you.

Here’s to thoughts made pretty, and pretty made thoughtful.

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