October 2, 2013



Two weeks from now I was supposed to be at Camp Mighty. Instead, as it turns out, I will be bringing Husband home from the hospital after a much needed knee replacement. One of two he needs sooner rather than later thanks to years of sports and minor repairs.

I say, “as it turns out” because it wasn’t the surgery that caused the change of plans. It was my decision not to attend the conference first that allowed him to not put this off any longer. At first it was work, and then it wasn’t, but, when it came right down to it, I wasn’t prepared to go to Camp Mighty.

Not only is it a fantastic place to go and learn from some amazing minds and world-affecting kinds of folks, it is a place to show up with five Life List goals so that you can actively work on crossing those off – and help others with theirs.

The problem was, I couldn’t pick five goals.

For whatever reason, I could feel a change in focus for me and somewhere between that and finding five goals that would be meaningful in the coming year left me a little paralyzed in choice. It was just one more fork in a road and I had had my fill of forks for now.

But, that’s okay. An amazing girl is going in my place and I’m thrilled I could help make that happen. In lieu of Palm Springs, I’m having lunch with a blogging friend tomorrow. I’ll ask her to punch violent holes in an idea I’ve had and then I’ll either get to work on said idea or I won’t. And lunch will be delicious.

I am ready to reevaluate my list – and pick some fall goals much like Laura does because it’s occurred to me that trying to manage some shorter timeframes gives me incentive to get shit done. And isn’t that the point?

For all the moving parts of life right now, all the instability, all the delays and disappointments, it was nice to stumble across a Pinterest image that shoved me in the shoulder a bit and reminded me of the little big things.

And so, I’ll sit on the side of the hospital bed I’m good at and help Husband get back on one good knee while hoping for all good outcomes from things that scare the daylights out of me.

Because choice is the thing. All the time. In what you do, who you are, what you tolerate, what you celebrate, and in love.

Next week is completely complicated and utterly simple: He chooses me first every day, in every situation, without fail. We’ll start with that.

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One Response to “Choice”

  1. Christine Says:

    I’ll be missing you at Camp Mighty! But you must follow the path you need to be on, that is what matters most!