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September 24, 2013


photo by Claude Weber

photo by Claude Weber

I have a problem. Well, it’s not really a problem in the true sense of PROBLEM, but, still. It exists.

I need, roughly, six houses.

Not for stuff – that I pared down a few years ago to only what I really adored. No, this issue is different. This is strictly about design. You see, I have ADDD – Attention Deficit Design Disorder.

And it’s an expensive affliction.

Thanks to the Internet, we all get to be exposed to visuals that are so magnificent and so inspiring, it’s hard to settle on just one approach. I’m pretty sure this holds true for clothing as well as interior design. Because SCIENCE.

Ellen Degeneres Kitchen - Architectural Digest

But, there is a secondary issue that I’ve just recently dealt with – I mean, besides needing to marry an heir and basically dealing with SQUIRREL!SHINY!THISONE! as you scroll through sites like Pinterest and Houzz.

The worst part of this affliction is doubt – and comparison.

You see what others are choosing, you adore it. And then others – something completely different, and it’s extraordinary, too. At some point, you teeter. You balance so carefully trying to remember what it is that you want and you like, because, well, it’s not those. But maybe it should be?


white bedroom

You wanted sophisticated, but not cold. Colorful, but not childish. Whimsy, but not stupid. Warm, but not traditional. Unique, but not odd. Edgy, but not obscene. A place that had life and story, sex and comfort, art and privacy, mischief and memories – you wanted it to be you, no matter where you looked.

So you decided to stop looking elsewhere. You click on a collection of images you’ve been gathering for over a year and you realize you still, STILL, loved the way the collection read. It was all of those things, you just forgot to see it.

hgtv dining room

And now, as you’re starting to get serious about design decisions, there are pictures from that year-long collection that are jumping out and becoming more than just an inspiration. They are becoming The Plan – and you realize you have to trust your choices. Appreciate other’s, but trust yours. In the end, the right mix of everything you like will be there.

But given the opportunity, you could also devise a very solid plan for a place in Manhattan, a ski house, a beach house, a flat in Paris and a ranch on acres and acres of land.

You know, if asked.

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