Friday Collections

September 20, 2013


What a week.

What a really good week and then some.

Really, the past ten days have felt just like this:

holding hands

It’s hard to explain, but do you have people in your life that, on paper, live on the periphery of your every day, but your relationship is completely the opposite? These people, that you stumble upon through work or other various ins and outs of life that somehow you have a trust or connection or affection for – but their role is not a major player? I have no idea what to call those folks, but when you talk with them it feels like holding hands.

In any case, I got to spend time with some of those folks this week – and it felt really, really good. To talk – and to listen. You need people like that, I believe. They are an exhale in shoes.


I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to this week, but that’s okay. It was a list of things I wanted to do – not that I needed to do. Though somethings became clear that I really needed to and I’m glad I did. Tomorrow I’ll cross that crepe off my list, as well as the final art adventure for the week. I’ll catch up to the french and a few of the others shortly.

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art  Charlotte, NC

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art
Charlotte, NC

When you spend time alone, but not lonely, it’s really just you and your thoughts. For all the mental gymnastics you attempt along the way, eventually things sort themselves out and you are left with what your true feelings are and driving down the road you have this moment where you just say, “Huh. Yeah. That.” Possibly out loud.

Doesn’t mean you have CLARITYFULLSTOP, but for that moment, light peeks through the crack, and sometimes that’s all you need to keep moving.

I think at the end of the day, the past ten days have reminded me of a lot of things. Things I used to do and stopped. Things I used to do with special people, with friends. A year of physical pain damaged not only some nerves (apparently), but also my outlook. I’m glad to have had a chance to reset that switch.

I’m glad to have some hands to hold.

Have a great weekend everyone – we’ll see you back here next week. xo

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4 Responses to “Friday Collections”

  1. Neil Says:

    I’m liking this part of you.

  2. Christine Says:

    Thank you for the reminder. Also? I can’t wait to get home and have lunch with you again. Or maybe a visit to the museum? I haven’t ever seen the main collection. XOXOXO