Mischief, Exploration & Discovery: Houston-Style

September 15, 2013


red ballet flats

Thanks to some corporate idiocy, I find myself with an entire week off, relieved of any responsibilities.

Damn. Life’s hard, yo.

So, instead, I decided to create an itinerary of mischief, exploration, and discovery right here in this city I haven’t been a part of for far too long. I’m filling my calendar and my soul with art, food, browsing, and anything else that feels like adventure or learning or excess.

I have a dates with:

  1. An old, renewed friend and as much contemporary art as I can scout.
  2. A crepe.
  3. A Kandinsky I haven’t seen in far too long and need to spend some time with.
  4. A blow-out to end all blow-outs.
  5. Boutiques on boutiques on boutiques.
  6. Houston’s Fine Art Fair 2013
  7. Brushing up on my french.  de faire des étincelles
  8. Handwritten letters.
  9. A new fall bauble of some sort.
  10. A date to have my ass kicked in a gym for the first time in too long.
  11. Shiny red toes. Or maybe charcoal grey.
  12. Popping my quinoa cherry.
  13. A journal that has dust on it.

I’m so excited for this week I feel like I should be trailing two dozen red balloons with me wherever I go.

Come with me.


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One Response to “Mischief, Exploration & Discovery: Houston-Style”

  1. Kris Says:

    Have fun! Wish I could join you on a few of those adventures! 🙂