On Hotel Rooms and Exhales

September 12, 2013


I saved you some pillow.

I saved you some pillow.

There is something about hotels, isn’t there?

I travel for work a bit. It’s harder for me to do that now, but I try to find some piece of it to look forward to and the hotel is usually my favorite part. I just try not to think about bedbugs as sleeping partners or what a black light might reveal at any given moment.

It’s better that way.

I don’t travel enough to notice the room decor, or the know the menu at the restaurant downstairs. I only travel enough to enjoy a day or two here or there, recognize hookers in the lobby bar, and appreciate a fluffy white bed.

There is peace in the quiet and the anonymity. I rarely turn on the TV and, because of that, there are moments where it feels like anything could happen. Sitting cross-legged in the  middle of the bed, hair piled on top of my head and laptop on, I half expect an unexpected knock at the door that never comes, but still – it could.

Hotels still feel like possibility. They still have memories that are sweet, or triumphant, adventurous or mischievous, and always full of story. I think I carry those around and unpack them all a bit in each hotel room. They travel well.

For all of the escape and massive room I can command in the bed, at some point, the bed feels too big, or too empty – and that is the reminder that this is only temporary, a borrowed pause.

But until then, this room is mine – and the 68 degree temperature reading on the thermostat will be perfect for snuggling under layers of white, and breakfast in bed will be the perfect bookend.

Until next time.

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2 Responses to “On Hotel Rooms and Exhales”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    All the magic of hotels was beaten out of me during a three month work stint where I lived in a big Hilton…

    • pamlewis Says:

      THAT would wear anyone out. Remember when I had to do the same a few summers ago? That took the magic STRAIGHT OUT – or maybe it was because they were bad hotels. 🙂