September 9, 2013


brick wall

My life, is, on occasion, ridiculous.  Honestly.

Actually, it’s not just on occasion. It’s often. Okay, almost always.

In any given situation, there is never a subtle “yes” or “no.” It’s either YAAAAASSSS!! or UNDERNOCIRCUMSTANCESWHODOYOUTHINKYOUREKIDDING?

I’m  not sure why things are always presented so dramatically, but they are.  Here’s the latest example.

Someone mentioned Montreal. I have always wanted to go to Montreal. I couldn’t say yes fast enough to Montreal and I’m fairly certain in my head I had already packed and in my heart I had already planned. Or wished. Or something.

All I needed was my passport, that was underway, and the date – some time in late September. (And possibly a really, really good internal story containing a ‘business reason’ for this trip, which really wasn’t all that hard.)

But then this happened:

1. My passport is taking forever.

2. The date ended up being September 17.

3. I got called for FEDERAL JURY DUTY on September 16th. Federal. Not a traffic ticket potential case, a FEDERAL case.  (A week, coincidentally, I have completely off from work due to some internal shenanigans thankyouverymuch.)

Now, I could have found a way to expedite the whole passport thing.  I probably could have swung the earlier date. But did the universe REALLY have to throw Federal jury duty in the way as well? I mean, come on. A little heavy-handed, don’t you think?

I’m frustrated – and sad. And restless. And I just really, really wanted to get to Montreal.


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