Observations from the Cushy Seats in Services

September 5, 2013



NOT High Holidays

You realize you weren’t nervous about attending services this year until you saw the increased numbers of police officers who were actually checking tickets for the first time since you can remember. You make a note of exits in your head – and exits past the exits. Just in case.

When you somehow sprain your toe in heels and realize taking your shoes off in temple is the only way you’re going to get through one-and-a-half hours of rising and sitting in services, the man next to you may look at you funny out of the corner of his eye, but will move past it when he realizes you can read all the hebrew, even the confusing part being chanted, and he cannot.

Little girls twirling in swirly dresses are the best no matter where you are.

When you realize your twelve-year-old is paying attention to the service and asking questions, you need to have your answers straight.

Going to the early service means you get to watch the sun set and slowly wash glittery rays through the sanctuary. It also makes you wish the stained glass windows had deeper colors so you could see what the sun does to them.

Recessed lighting in the ceiling makes jewelry sparkle in the best way.

Each congregation has a twist on “how to dress” for services that is unwritten. Ladies are not in pants here.

Work was never thought about once. Live tweeting the services was, however.

It’s amazing how easily tears can threaten and prick the eyes. You realize you haven’t had a good cry in a long time.

Sitting next to one of the “In Memoriam” walls used to be scary when you were little, until through the years you began to know the people whose names have been added – friends’ grandparents, parents, your own great-grandparents, and grandparents, friends you lost way too young in high school — and you realize your name will one day be up there, too. You realize sitting there now feels warm and honorable. You decide to sit there from now on.

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