Vegan Leather: It’s Totally Worth It

September 3, 2013


is vegan leather as good as regular leather,

Tinley Road Victoria Vegan Leather Peplum

There is something about leather – and how it ushers in the Fall. Sure, some may try to peddle their “spring leather,” but that is a mismatch of the highest order. No, Fall arrives on horseback wrapped in leather and smells like every pleasurable experience you’ve ever had in one strong cocktail. It is luxury and richness and a healthy sense of power molded to swing or skim or warm.

The very single minute Fall appears either in temperature or calendar I am ready to fling my front door open and yell, Game of Thrones style, “BRING ME ALL THE LEATHER.”

We should be neighbors.

For the past several years, I’ve been investing in one new piece of leather. Each year, as I scoured the Internet for just the right piece, I came across leather’s ethically-friendly (and budget-friendly) twin, vegan leather. In the past, I had never considered this option because it brought to mind and nose faux leathers from years past full of waxiness and That Odor.

But, I was hearing good things. And, more importantly, I was seeing a marked improvement in faux leather design, namely from Tinley Road, carried exclusively by Piperlime. There was one fantastic vegan leather peplum top (I know. I KNOW.) that kept catching my eye and when it returned this year, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and investigate myself.

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Tinley Road Colored Vegan Leather T-Shirt | Tinley Road Vegan Leather Shorts

Folks, this was impressive. Soft and supple leather-like feel with a rich leather scent, this line has sold me. It feels substantial and is well-constructed and well-tailored. Sizing is basically true-to-size, but will depend on the individual piece.

Tinley Road Vegan Leather mini skirt leather mini skirt, vegan leather-sleeved tee copy

Tinley Road Vegan Leather Mini-Skirt | Tinley Road Brooke Vegan Leather-Sleeved T-shirt

While I may still opt for “real” leather for my more substantial pieces, I will most certainly be looking to this line for the more trend-specific looks, like the leather-sleeved t-shirt above, which I will clearly need to own immediately if not sooner.

Vegan leather: My new favorite thing.

What say you?

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