Thank You

August 28, 2013


image via AllieRuth on etsy (stamp available)

image via AllieRuth on etsy (stamp available)

Next week starts High Holidays, a fairly reflective season filled with shouldas and wouldas and couldas – and I’m sorry-ies.  I decided that before my head and heart shift to taking stock of all the things that could have been done better or were wrong or hurtful, I should start by saying “thank you.” There are a lot of reasons to say I’m sorry this year, but it doesn’t mean a thank you isn’t important, or has to wait.

First, thank you for following along and reading through all the stops and starts of this tiny piece of Internet. Your presence here, whether you announce it or not, is so valued and so appreciated. I very much want you to know this.

And now, in no particular order:

I am thankful for the patience of others.
For doctors that heal.
For being able to make my kids laugh.
For ice cream and the ocean.
For friends who live in my computer and my heart.
For family.
For love.
For surprise postcards.
That you remembered.
That I remember.
For firsts.
For music.
For soft sheets.
For creativity that hasn’t dried up.
For mischief – and adventure.
For rituals.
For reconnecting.
For sun-induced naps.
For fireplaces.
For perfect recipes.
For secrets.

For ribbon.
For trampolines.  
For new clothes and old t-shirts.
For new pens.
For hugs – and kisses.
For bad movies and good stories.
For the ah-ha moment on my kid’s face.
For the smell of coffee.
For airports.
For things that test me.
For the strength to finish the test.
For fresh flowers.
For pizza in the living room.
For dessert in the bathtub.
For handwritten notes.

For silence.
For chance.
For root beer.
For a touch.
For giggles.
For tears.
For lessons hard-learned, but well taught.
For the opportunity and courage to hit “send,” or drop it in the mail.
For puppies.
For a crisp white and a warm red.
For the ping sound crystal makes.
For rediscovering.
For Sundays.

For August 28th.
For the cosmic balance of 3.
For yours, mine, ours.
For then, now, and always.

Thank you.

What are you thankful for today?

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4 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. Sherry Carr-Smith Says:

    That is a wonderful list of thankfulness, and I would concur on almost all of them. Today I am thankful that we’ve hit 16 weeks in this pregnancy. I am also thankful that we get to take our young sons to the dentist today for routine checkups when that isn’t a freedom that many parents have.

  2. Knighton Says:

    I am thankful for life and breath. For a body sturdy enough to carry me these 40 years. For a mother and father who made it possible. For a gentle and kind husband. For his laughter and the ways his eyes crinkle. For 20 years with him and here’s to 40 more. For friends near and far. For their words on a screen and their voices in my ears. For siblings and nieces and nephews. For light and life (again). For green growing things. For the spoiled rotten cat who owns a little piece of heaven on earth. For coffee and work and Fridays. For the blessing and sheer joy that is simply being alive.