Emily McDowell Cards – The Mic Drop of Greeting Cards

August 26, 2013


I am a huge fan of The Card. I mean, who doesn’t love to get witty or warm or wicked mail? NO ONE.  But, there are times where the standard Hallmark card just WILL NOT DO. Emily McDowell is here to help. With expletives, and awkwardness. And pure awesomeness.

Emily McDowell awkward dating card

Emily McDowell Birthday card

Emily McDowell Condolence card

Emily McDowell Birthday card


And you know those days where you are fairly certain you suck at everything from life to love to cooking to typing and even auto-correct is mocking you? How great would it feel to receive this card?

Emily McDowell Great Job Card



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One Response to “Emily McDowell Cards – The Mic Drop of Greeting Cards”

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