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August 23, 2013


As of Monday, every kid in this house will officially be back in school. Know what this means? It means that, in my head, it is officially Fall.


Know what reality says? It’s Texas and still a millionty degrees outside.

Reality is a pain.

But, it doesn’t matter. In my head a switch has been flipped and I can no longer wear bright colors. Or eat fruit. Or go swimming.

I wore jeans a few days ago. Totally didn’t care that it was 100 degrees. It’s Fall and I want Fall things and a Fall life.

Case in point: Haider Ackermann.

haider ackermann

I tweeted the other day that I couldn’t decide if Haider Ackermann’s clothing would be worn in heaven or at the greatest, hottest party in hell. ¬†Doesn’t matter. He is everything Fall I could ever want in a design aesthetic. (And that leather drapey number on the right is the definition of sex in heels.)

fall leaves

Leaves. I want Fall leaves and Fall light and Fall air. I want the smell of fireplaces. I want the feel of cashmere jammy pants that have been packed away.

But, see, I live in southeast Texas, so I can’t have these things for several months yet.



Except a friend is dangling an opportunity to be in Montreal in September – and now it’s all I can think about. ¬†Because you know what there is in Montreal in September?

So much.

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