Grown-up School Supplies

August 19, 2013


grown up school supplies

One of my most favorite things to do is shop for school supplies. If you ever want me to fall in love with you, and be the single most attractive human on the planet, take me to an office supply store or some boutique that stocks the finest papers, pencils, and accessories. I’ll be yours in a blink. ¬†(Bring flowers.)

Know what I don’t get to do this year? SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING. It appears that one of the not perks of kids in private schools is that all the school supplies are already provided for you.

WHO DECIDED THIS? We need to have A WORD.


That doesn’t mean that we grown-ups don’t deserve a fresh batch of perfectly new, brimming with inspiration, highly motivating supplies for OURSELVES, right?

Right. ¬†This is why we’re friends.

File Folders | Pencils | Moleskine Notebooks | Leather Pencil Case | WTF Stamp | Baccarat Highball | Stapler

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