Goodbye, Summer

August 15, 2013


Galveston 2013

There are things you just know.

You know when you are done having kids.
You know when you meet someone who will absolutely change your life, or your heart, or both.
You know that Big Bird will always trump Barney.
You know that when it’s the bottom of the 9th and your guy is three pitches away from a shut out, that a rally cap is not a choice, it’s the law.
You know the minute everything changed.

And you know when it is time to go home.

It’s time. The past week has been filled with sun and sand and laughing and bickering and naps and dessert three times a day and freckles and clocks that never moved and calendars that never had to hide.  It was morning walks and thoughts that stretched on for hours and days. It was hours and days with no direction. It was ocean storms of fantasies and it was quiet wishes sent on waves.

But, reality is a fickle bitch. And so, the clock started ticking and the calendar came out of hiding and the bickering , well, the Bickering.  And so, it is time to go home.

Thanks, summer. I’ll see you again soon.


goodbye summer

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