Sandy Observations

August 12, 2013


Beach Umbrella

Thanks to social media, I know there are a lot of us who have spent time at beaches lately.  Here are my current observations:

I have seen two European gentlemen in Speedos that absolutely could pull off wearing a Speedo. Cheers to you, sirs.

I have also been reminded of the indelicate issues that, ahem, arise when you (a) wear a Speedo and, (b) have a hot, barely dressed, European girlfriend. Bless your hearts, sirs.

Everything tastes better at the beach. Everything. Even that.

Watching a good storm move through on the beach is very close to a religious experience.

If your children are loud, running around, splashing people, taunting other kids, disrespecting people’s personal space and generally unsupervised, I want your children removed from my vacation pool. I am judging you harshly and telling your children (not so politely) to GO OVER THERE.

I have very little interest in food because I am fairly certain I have eaten everything on this island in the past three days. But I wouldn’t be mad at some more shrimp right off the boat.

Pink, freckled cheeks and wild hair are currently my favorite looks on my kids.

Clams dig faster than I can and it’s starting to piss me off.

The beach looks good on you. I knew that it would.

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