Not Yet

August 2, 2013


beach walkway

I see you, Fall, pulling in the driveway, rolling up black and the smell of hide flirting with my nose, that leather interior teasing my skin. I see your back seat filled with fireplaces roaring, sharpened pencils, layers and tweeds and the real promise of a fresh start. Your tank is filled with pecan pie and hot chocolate and comfort.

I see you pulling in, but don’t turn your engines off just yet.  Not yet.

There are a few weeks of summer still left. There is still time for ice cream, and seafood fresh from its home. There is still the sun and the water and fruit-based cocktails with friends. For a few more weeks there are not alarm clocks or schedules or pants if we so choose.  And we so choose.

For a few more weeks there is one long exhale, sun-induced naps, and ice cream sandwiches. There is bronzer, not foundation, there are ponytails and there are pink cheeks that don’t require blush.

For a few more weeks my mind gets to have enough space to wonder, to remember.

For a few more weeks, so not yet.

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2 Responses to “Not Yet”

  1. Mary Says:

    Beautiful. And now I want to go to the beach one last time…….