Moving: By the Numbers, By the List

June 10, 2013


Part I of the Next, Right House happened this weekend: We moved to an apartment. It went a little something like this:

Original square feet: 3464

Current square feet: 1416

Difference in square feet: 2048 (#math!)

Original number of bedrooms: 5

Original number of bathrooms: 3.5

Current number of bedrooms: 3

Current number of bathrooms: 2

Favorite new addition to living situation: Pool

Least favorite addition to living situation: This

Bed sizes lost: one (Sleeping in a queen is like your first apartment all over again, right? Do I get my abs back, too?)

Number of boxes packed: Nine million

Amount of boxes put into storage preparing for Stage 2: 75%

Men who showed up to move us: 6

Number of boxes left to unpack: 2

Number of boxes accidentally sent to long-term storage: 2

Item also sent to storage for no good reason: One kitchen chair

Number of nails broken: 6

Number of colds acquired: 1 (damnit)

Number of trips back to the house to finish up and say goodbye: 4

Previous commute to schools: 37 minutes without traffic or rain

Future commute to schools WITH traffic and rain: 5.8 minutes

Most random, awesome thing seen in elevator: Woman with huge cello strapped to her back

Number of people in this household glad to be here: 4, even if it took a day or so for everyone to come around

Number of hours I feel like sleeping: all of them

Hours until this house is no longer officially ours: Can be counted on one hand.



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