Flew the Coop

June 3, 2013


Today, ArtsyDaughter did something extraordinary. Today, she packed all of her things, turned in her keys, tied a bow on details, kissed all of her family, got in her car and drove to Dallas to start the next phase of her life.

We all said goodbye over brunch at my mother-in-law’s house. When it was time to go, there were tears in many eyes, a few nervous laughs, a few heavy hearts and heavy sighs. She will be missed by many, that’s for sure.

This girl has done a lot the past few years. She has started a career, met a nice boy and begun to create a life for herself. I always told the girls “never follow a boy” to another city – and I meant that. She isn’t doing that. She is going with that boy to a new city and a new life. There is a difference.

She has a ton of bravery, this one. It’s what you should be when you’re twenty-seven, brave. Go. Do. Explore. Take the leap. You do this while there isn’t anything holding you back and if it doesn’t work out for one reason or another – no big deal. You do something else. In the meantime you grow and learn and mature and enjoy and figure out which lessons stuck and which ones you need to learn again.

I may have taken on a lot, more than most, at the age of twenty-three, but I never had the courage to do what she is doing. Had I? Well, there’s that game and the wounds of the “what ifs”. So, instead of tears today, I smiled. I smiled because in her life the next page in the book is blank and waiting for a story. The difference is, this next page will have her own handwriting – the ones before it were filled with words from others.

We will miss her, but we will love her – and I cannot wait to read the next pages.

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