Things I Have Found While Packing

May 20, 2013


image: Ormond Gigli

Packing is exactly like trying to decide which pieces of your life and history deserve to make it to the next chapter. But packing is really the LAST thing that happens in this process. Before packing comes The Going Through of Things: The Culling.

But before The Culling comes the WOWISTILLHAVETHIS stage. I’m in that stage now. It comes with a fair amount of dust, apparently.

Here are Things I Have Found While Going Through My Closet (so far):

$0.93 in change
Unused gift cards
Sex toy swag from BlogHer 2011
7 purses I forgot about
18 small-sized shopping bags from various boutiques
A disposable cell phone
Thigh-high stockings
My Franklin Planner pages from 1996-1997 I had kept so I would never forget how much happened those years.
My grandmother’s wool dress shawl
Silver rings
Old safety deposit box keys and receipt
A thong I cannot remember ever purchasing
A pair of Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals, also a Tigger
Two laptops, one functional
A few important college t-shirts
Every piece of packaging from every Apple product owned in this house
Pieces of black grosgrain ribbon for a style DIY project I SWEAR I’m going to pull off this year
Jimmy Hoffa. He says, “Hey.”

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One Response to “Things I Have Found While Packing”

  1. Mary Says:

    Check with L. about the thong!