Style Challenge: A Multi-Event Dress

January 31, 2013


The other day my BFF from college, who lives all the way up in Chicago and far, far too far away from Houston, told me she was looking for a dress for another mutual friend’s small, very intimate evening wedding. Oh, and it also needs to work for a Bar Mitzvah luncheon. Then we lamented how we couldn’t go to dinner and out shopping together because WAAAAH distance BOO.

However. Gauntlet was thrown and challenge accepted, BestFriendWendy! The Internet is full of magic. Also FaceTime, which we will be using in the dressing room at Bloomingdale’s where she is headed rightthisveryminute!

I pulled these dresses above right from the Bloomingdale’s site hoping she would love them, but also that she might be able to lay hands on them in the store nearby.

The thing about multi-functional dresses is keeping it simple and letting the accessories do the heavy lifting. Now, simple doesn’t have to mean boring, it just has to be a good backdrop for a sparkle-explosion clutch, a killer belt or maybe shoes that make men weep.

She is tall and athletically built with great dark complexion and a touchy of hippy vibe. We make a helluva pair.

For the record, the purple leopard number is in our crosshairs. Add an amazing black patent leather belt with some gold hardware, sky-high black heels and a jeweled clutch only large enough to hold the best secrets. Tone down the sparkle a little for the luncheon. DONE.

My second favorite is a tie between the leather trim at the neck and the black-and-white swirl number on the end.

What do you think? We headed in the right direction?

From left to right: DKNYNYC, Black Halo, Tucker, Halston Heritage, Rebecca Taylor

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