White China Table Settings Galore!

October 8, 2012


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It’s no secret I have a thing for housewares. When asked for advice while (all to often) browsing the table settings area of any department store I will always tell a bride-to-be to register for a least 16 place settings in a white setting because entertaining and family grows the longer you are on this earth and trying to find that setting 5 years from now will be IMPOSSIBLE. Plus, white shows off your food – and it’s all about the food, yes?

I have multiple, interchangeable sets of casual and formal china – white, patterned and glass plates and I am ALWAYS on the lookout for great steals in interesting or very functional pieces.

Well, here’s one now!

Thanks to the magic that is Pinterest, I stumbled across American Discount Tableware and their multitudes of setting options. It appears you must buy in bulk, but here’s the upside: Their serving platters can also be purchased inexpensively and in dozens. So, you may not need a new set of china, but that cute (large sized) book-shaped platter can be bought a dozen at a time for $100. I’m thinking book club and teacher gifts are settled right there with some cute personalization (or not).

And even if you’re not in the market for 24 or 36 new settings, maybe your best friend is looking, too, and, if you can agree on a pattern, can split the order and the cost.

NOW you’re a damn genius.

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