Fall Beauty Trend: Bloody Burgundy

August 27, 2012


There is an old rule I’ve lived by for years. It’s not really fall until:

  • I can wear jeans AND a trench coat.
  • There is a day that is respectably cold enough for a fireplace. (There is MUCH liberty taken here.)
  • I can drink a hot chocolate without feeling ridiculous. (Yes, I’m judgey about my hot beverages.)
  • Dark lipstick and nail color makes an appearance.

I am stupidly excited about #3 this year. The fall beauty trend of burgundy is downright LUSCIOUS. I prefer my burgundies more to red than to purple and judge them based on how ‘bloody’ they look. Gross, but effective, as I’m looking for a dark elegance.

Tips for wearing:

  1. While this is friendly to any eye color, you green-eyed girls should get on your knees and thank the color gods right this second. A gorgeous smoked burgundy eye is perfect for you. Try pairing with greys for day or a hint of gold for night.
  2. Burgundy lipsticks should be applied straight out of the tube, blotted and then applied again with a good lip brush.
  3. Never apply a dark lip color on chapped lips. You want lips well-exfoliated, well-moisturized or else you may resemble Bella’s frightening, not-so-attractive cousin. Remember, darker lip colors don’t wear as well as paler colors. Check your lips often.
  4. Burgundies make an already pale complexion even paler, but if your skin is of the Snow White variety, you will love the milkiness it adds. It can also magically darken a medium-to-dark skin tone if the undertones of the color or more warm than blue.
  5. Vampires make for great reading, but to avoid resembling one, use burgundy on ONE feature. While it’s fine to pair a pouty, sexy burgundy lip with a killer chunky knit sweater, DON’T pair burgundy lips, eyes and cheeks.

I’m ready. Are you?

1. OPI ‘Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ | 2. NARS Trio Eyeshadow ‘Douce France’ | 3. Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick ‘Black Orchid’ | 4. NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss ‘Rouge Tribal’ | 5. Estee Lauder Double Wear ‘Stay-in-Place’ Eye Pencil Duo | 6.  Chanel Les Vernis Nail Colour ‘Vamp’ | 7. Dior ‘Eye Essentials’ Set

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